Hi there,
I just bought a bottle of your Mushroom Ultimate Seasoning to try and thought you might like another recipe.
I have been making my own mushroom rub for steaks and other meats for years.  Anyhow, my recipe for a great tasting steak and other meats is:

Use either a Rib eye or New York steak:
Place a piece of plastic wrap on your kitchen counter, lay your meat out on to it. Sprinkle generously with the Mushroom Ultimate Seasoning, and rub it into the steak, fold over the plastic wrap onto the steak as to not lose any of the seasoning, and then flip the steak over and repeat other side, wrap steak up and refrigerate for at least two hours. Then grill or broil the steak. This is also good  on pork or rack of lamb.
For an extra thick crust, dredge meat in flour then egg and then into mushroom seasoning. I will be trying to perfect a recipe for crusted chicken and veal scaloppini if you think you might be interested in the results, I can let you know. You have my permission to post  my recipes on your web site.
Good luck in retailing a wonderful product.
Sheri H.
Marysville, Washington

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